Two Cents – Risk Free Guarantee

You should be able to book a weekend away or extended trip with confidence. With Frontier Hotels, you can. We understand how unsettling it is that restrictions can and have changed at a moment’s notice therefore the importance of flexibility. That’s why when you book with Frontier there are a few things you know you can count on, so when you put your plans in place, you do so with complete peace of mind.


NO PREPAYMENT REQUIRED                                            With Frontier Hotels, you book now but pay when you stay. Your credit card information is used simply to secure the reservation, however is not charged. You pay the hotel direct, in most cases on check out. This means you don’t spend a cent on your trip until you actually take it. It’s a great option for people saving up for a special occasion or for those who do not feel comfortable out laying funds in advance of a trip.

We are living in an ever evolving landscape, however that doesn’t mean you can’t make travel plans and continue to dream about adventure, but you want to be protected. With Frontier Hotels you are. Your booking is cancellable up to 48 hours prior to check-in, with no penalties or fees and in some cases you can cancel 24 hours prior to check-in (subject to the policy of the hotel). This means when restrictions are reinforced or things crop up at the last minute, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can simply rebook your hard earned holiday at a more convenient time.

At Frontier Hotels, you can call, email or message us through our social accounts and you are guaranteed to talk to an actual human (during business hours). No lengthy waits, no jumping through hoops, no scouring our website trying to find a way to contact us. One phone number, one email address, one messenger service – meaning every single enquiry is attended to by one of our excellent travel advisors who are committed to handling your holiday needs or helping when necessary.

It has never been more important to have something to look forward to, and it has never been more important to have the flexibility to be able to change.

Our wings may have been clipped a little but that doesn’t mean we can’t have extraordinary adventures. When you book with Frontier Hotels, those adventures come with maximum flexibility and minimum risk.

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