Two Cents - Good Price Versus Good Value

Good Price Versus Good Value

by Roland Howlett


Open the weekend paper and you will be bombarded by travel steals and deals. Flashy ads attempting to entice you with a “saving”. So does that price and that saving mean that it is good value? The immediate reaction is often that the two go together, but is that actually the case?


Next time you are hovering over the book button, ask yourself this. Why do you travel? Is it to save money, or because you got a good deal? Or is it because you want to have the best experience on your bucket list trip. Hey we all like a bargain, and I’m not advocating you turn one down or break the bank to stay at the fanciest hotel, in the biggest suite. But there should be more to your travel decision than the upfront price.  The experience. Your experience. Your memories. You don’t want to come home with regrets, because you saved $100. 


Here are a few classics that come to mind.

Booking a bargain group tour, and then finding out that your hotel is a 45 minute drive to the centre of town (think coming to Sydney and staying in Wahroonga, a lovely suburb but hardly in the thick of the action. 


Using Skyscanner to buy that airline ticket for $20 less through a website you’ve never heard of, only to discover there is no one to contact when you are in a jam, or the airline cancels your flight and you’re stuck not knowing what to do.


That is not value.


Value is in the total package of the booking experience – from planning, advice, relationship, contactability, value adds and support.


My two cents when it comes to travelling?


Make your choices based on value, not on price. Things do go wrong, so have someone there that you can easily contact to get things back on track.


Look for value adds, not discounts. 


Go for more, not less.

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