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If you have made it to this page you are one step closer to redeeming free perks at your favourite hotels across the globe. From free breakfast to room upgrades, late check-out and resort credit, the perks vary from property to property but come with each and every booking. Sign up today for free, to start reaping the rewards today. 


Our program continues to grow with new properties added weekly so we can continue to deliver the biggest variety of brilliant perks.

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From special weekends away and "staycations" to business travel, Here is a sample of how our clients have benefited from Frontier Hotels.

The extra freebies you get by booking with Frontier Travel are incredible. Easily worth over $250 of extra value each stay - all for the same price as the room only price!

We were staying at the Crown Towers Melbourne for a special wedding anniversary. The special VIP treatment we received because we booked with Frontier Travel was incredible - upgrade to an amazing suite, champagne on arrival, late check out and more. It was so special. 

I run a small business and I’ve been using Frontier Hotels for all my business travel. Great value hotels, with all the perks, and I an integrate my Qantas Business Rewards account into the system, so everything can be done in one place.

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