Film & Television Production

Frontier Travel is expertly versed in providing a high level of support to the film and television industry. Our travel management team can assist with everything including budgeting assistance during pre-production, commercial and charter air travel, apartment, home and hotel accommodation for casts and crew, vehicle rentals and drivers and so much more. 

What We Do

From domestic and international feature films to television series, our travel management team is here to support you. 

ONE CONTACT – We know your schedule is demanding and will evolve rapidly, that’s why we allocate a dedicated manger to your project. The same person for the duration, so you have consistency and reliability. They will expertly assist with the logistical requirements as they develop.

PROBLEM SOLVING – We are strategic, as agents we don’t operate like a giant corporate company, we think laterally and have a huge network which means we find solutions to the impossible. From getting your crew and cast to difficult locations to dealing with complex accommodation needs in multiple locations, we are here to help. 

BACK UP PLAN – Our experienced travel managers understand the last minute changes are par for the course and are prepared for it, they always have a plan B in place. 

Our Services


Our services include but are not limited to:

Recent Projects

It is an exciting time for the film & television industry with local and international productions shooting far and wide across Australia. Frontier Travel is proud to have secured some of these brilliant projects and they include:

Both projects have been expertly managed by our team who have had to navigate through COVID-19 strict protocol including quarantine.