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We have the answer! And if by some sheer miracle the answer isn’t below, contact us and we will give you all the information you need so that you feel confident and secure each and every time you book with us, no matter where in the world you are or where your travels take you.

How the program works

Frequently Asked Questions

Frontier Hotels delivers a selection of specially curated hotels across the world offering exclusive perks you won’t find elsewhere. With Frontier Hotels you will always get:

Access to our Exclusive Perks
Pay On Arrival
Flexible Cancellation
Frontier Booking Support

No! That is one of the biggest benefits of our free membership program. When you book with Frontier Hotels, your reservation is confirmed at time of booking but there is nothing to pay until you stay at the property. This is pretty standard with all hotel bookings made through Frontier Hotels, unless you are booking a special offer or deal, in which case you would be advised of payment information prior to booking.

Why is a credit card needed for my hotel booking?
All hotels require at minimum a credit card to guarantee a reservation and if there are any charges that need to be paid prior to arrival.

The booking process

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to book is by giving us a ring on 0293310037 where you will speak to one our our consultants directly. You are also welcome to send us an email directly at or chat with us via this website.

As soon as your booking has been made, we will send you confirmation via the email you have provided.


The hotel confirmation will be on the booking confirmation you receive from Frontier Travel

The perks will be listed on your booking confirmation from Frontier Travel. If anything is unclear or you have questions, feel free to give us a ring on 0293310037 to speak to us directly.

The beauty of our program is it offers a variety of perks across the Australia from breakfast to late check-out and free hotel credit. It is important to note that the perks vary from property to property (you can search our site which details the exact perks at each hotel), are managed by the hotel and some are subject to availability. 

When determining which perks are guaranteed please see the below examples. You will see in the first example there is an asterisk next to upgrade at check in, which below states this is subject to availability. The breakfast daily and hotel credit are guaranteed perks.

Four Seasons Sydney
Upgrade at check in*
Breakfast for two daily
$130 AUD hotel credit
*Subject to availability

You will see in the below example there is an asterisk next to upgrade at check-in and early check-in, which below states this is subject to availability. The other amenities are included. Please note there is a special condition noted stating the minimum room type to receive these exclusive perks is the Eastern Harbour View Room.

InterContinental Sydney
Free Wi-Fi
Early check-in*
Upgrade at check in*
Breakfast for two daily
Twilight drinks & canapes
Access to Club Intercontinental
Guaranteed 2:00pm late check-out
*Subject to availability
**Minimum of Eastern Harbour View Room must be booked.