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Famous for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons and incredible marine life, Tahiti is paradise. The most popular regions are Bora Bora, Moorea and Papeete, but there is so much more to offer off the beaten track.
The Brando Eco-Resort:

Tetiaroa once the vacation spot of Tahitian royalty, is currently under a 99-year lease by, you guessed it, Marlon Brando (his estate actually now that he’s with the big guy upstairs)
Legend has it when Brando arrived in Tahiti to film “Mutiny on the Bounty”, he first fell for his love interest, Tarita Teripaia and then for islands, in particular Tetiaroa. Brando and Tarita were married and while the union lasted 10 years, his love affair with Tetiaroa spanned a lifetime.
Brando purchased the atoll, built a private residence on it but it was his dream to build a resort that fuelled science and conservation while operating with minimal environmental impact. That dream was finally realised a decade after his death in 2014

Frontier Recommends


at Les Mutinés, an intimate venue that gives you the sensation you are floating on a lagoon. Did I mention the world class cellar?


in a one, two or three bedroom villa however if you really want to go to town, book The Residence. A three bedroom beachfront home that can be modified to your liking.


in the lagoon. Go for a paddle board or kayak, or if you’re slightly more adventurous the snorkelling and diving is some of the best in the world.

Frontier Perk

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