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What We Do

Frontier Travel specialises in creating personalised itineraries and custom experiences incorporating the world’s finest hotels and resorts as well as the exciting landscape of cruising.


Booking your travel with Frontier gives you unrivalled access to luxury privileges and perks such as special rates, upgrades, hotel and spa credits, all at no additional cost.


We have a world of resources at our fingertips, thanks in large part to our partnership with Virtuoso, an organisation of the top travel agencies, providers and destinations worldwide.

Our Advisors

Frontier Travel experts are innovative, dynamic and dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for you.

From booking to boarding, and throughout your entire trip, you will receive the highest level of customer service from our incredibly well-connected team.

Fluent in the latest travel trends, they are completely up to date on the best new hotels, holiday hot spots and destinations.

The exceptional attention to detail means your entire trip will be tailored to your travel needs by one of the most educated and talented teams in the industry.

The Director

Frontier Travel was founded by Roland Howlett who has almost two decades of experience in airlines and retail travel.

An ex-long haul 747 pilot with Qantas, Roland has travelled extensively, spending up to 220 nights a year in hotel rooms, giving him unique insight into the needs of busy travellers.


Roland's formal qualifications include an Honours degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor degree in Accounting.

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